Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring Is For The Birds

After the dreariness of Winter I am always glad to see spring coming. Here, by Lake Michigan, we get what is called Lake Effect Snow and what seems like endless overcast. I have to work hard at fighting off seasonal depression. But now Spring is here. More days with sunshine and blue skies. The days are getting warmer and winter clothes and snow gear, for the most part, can be put away. And all the trees are in bloom.

Trees in bloom are the one part of Spring that I am not crazy about. I have seasonal allergies. I know that for the next month or so I will be sneezing like crazy. Even Flonase or Claritan, as helpful as they are, don't fully do the job. But still, I don't mind. Sunshine, blue skies, warmer weather, these are positives that outweigh the negative. But Spring also brings one more important thing, the birds.

Every morning, just before dawn starts to lighten the sky the birds slowly begin their morning song. With the windows now open I can again hear the beauty of their songs. It is a simple pleasure but one that I really enjoy. It is a wonderful way to be awoken in the morning.

These three pieces are done with Caran D'Ache artist crayons on Strathmore paper.


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