Sunday, April 16, 2006

Artist’s Statement

For quite a long time I used to believe that the essence of my work could be distilled down to one word, strength. Strong color, shape, composition, light and so on. That slowly I was eliminating all of the unnecessary elements. I was trimming it down to bare and simple forms. The paintings were sleek and trim and could hold their own. The reality I discovered is something quite different.
My work is more about contradictions. There are simple shapes but they are made up of layers of colors and scribbles as I mix the paint on the surface of the painting. As much as I wanted to simplify everything I could not tolerate the shapes to be flat and lifeless. I wanted something simple yet I wanted it to be richly complex without it appearing to be that way. This was a throw back to my days as an abstract color field painter. I wanted each simple shape to be a small abstract painting working with other small abstract paintings on the same surface. Various complex microcosms coming together to form a completed whole.

“Jung has wisely said that if you are able to observe a quality that is characteristic of a person, you may be quite certain that somewhere in that person the opposite is equally true.” June Singer, BOUNDARIES OF THE SOUL


Blogger Barbara said...

I like the rich vibrant colors of your paintings. It truly depicts your rich personality.

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