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Okay, this is going to be a posting in 2 parts. I have been tagged some I am going to give you 8 facts about myself. Hopefully they will be interesting, entertaining, and even trivial (I like trivia and trivial facts). Only, I’m not going to play the whole game but only half. I’m going to expose myself but not pass it on.

Part One: Answers to unasked questions

I was born in Cambridge, MA, USA. The Home of Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. Since leaving there at the age of 9 I have lived in Ohio, California, New York, Colorado, and now Michigan. There are a number of other states I would like to live in (including the state of reasonable sanity) but I don’t think that I will live long enough to achieve that goal.

My favorite vegetables are broccoli and brussel sprouts. Most people dislike these two, or a least the brussel sprouts, but God help me I love them. My favorite fruit is grapes. I love eating a bunch of cold crisp grapes. I am also especially fond of them in their liquid version. I just don’t understand why my doctor won’t let me count wine towards my vegetable/fruit servings for the day.

I was an altar boy. Decades later I lived in a monastery and contemplated becoming a monk. It was a good try but not a great try. To this day I still love reading and studying theology, spirituality, and comparative religions. I just don’t like participating in organized religion. Too much politics.

I have a dry sense of humor. I also love bad puns. You know, the kind that make people roll their eyes and groan and think that I must be off my meds. Speaking of being off my meds, I also like dark humor.

I am a conservative. People I know are shocked when I say that because they have thought of me sometimes as a radical, sometimes as a libertarian, but mostly as a liberal. I believe I’m a conservative because I believe in the Constitution of the United States and the principles, beliefs, and thinking of the founding fathers. I think that people like Richard Nixon and George W. Bush are radicals (not to mention demented and out of touch with reality) because they want to destroy all of that. Other great radicals include Jerry Falwell, Pat Roberstson, and James Dobson, who hope not only to destroy the USA but Christianity and anything that resembles sanity and intelligent thought.

I do not suffer fools very well. Stupidity is a mortal sin. Now this is not to be confused with ignorance. An ignorant person doesn’t know any better but is open to learning. A stupid person is someone who does know better and just doesn’t care. Regretfully, science has not found a cure for stupid.

My taste in movies leans to intense psychological dramas. I think that this is because I am not a warm fuzzy person. I’m a curmudgeon and proud of it. As for TV, I’m a sucker for most anything on the history, discovery, or the learning channels. My wife and I are also suckers for forensic shows. We both now know how to do away with each other and never get caught.

And last, but not least, also has to do with part two, Oscar Wilde said, “If God had intended for me to be naked, I would’ve been born that way.” Well, I was born that way. I was born naked. Actually, after exposing myself to you with all of the above there seems to be no point in not telling you that I am a nudist and that is the naked truth!

Part Two: All Shook Up

As I last posted, my world has been topsy-turvy for a while. Things are beginning to settle down and fall into place and some good things are coming from it. I haven’t been painting much but that seems okay to me. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of picture framing and getting things ready to do an art fair at the end of July. The Turtle Lake Resort, a nudist resort, in Union City, MI (southern MI between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek) is having an art fair. They are doing this for a few reasons. First, an art fair is a good thing. Also, this gives artists a venue to exhibit artworks of nudes without viewers getting bent out of shape. It also gives the resort a way to market to non-nudists, called textiles, in order to introduce them to nude recreation. I have done a similar fair down in Kissimmee, FL (just outside of Orlando) and it was great for exhibitors and patrons alike. I will be doing that fair again in October.

A resort like this is peaceful and calming because it removes so many stereotypes that people have about each other. Without clothing you don’t see social or economic status, liberal or conservative, job position or status. You don’t see the things that make you or I different or that separate us, you only see that we are all the same. We ate the same basic 2 models with variations on a theme. Sans clothing, a lot of psychological barriers are removed and people converse more easily and openly. Stress is reduced because everyone’s flaws are showing and no one is held to an unattainable standard of beauty or image. In a society that equates happiness and fulfillment with wealth and beauty this is a big deal. Because of my disability I often feel like an outsider. With other nudists I don’t feel all that different. Besides, for an artist what better way to get in some life drawing?

I have started painting again. I have been playing with some different materials and techniques. There has also been a shift in my palette. It is as if recent events have shifted my axis 3-5 degrees off center. Not a real big change but over time it will be significant. I am approaching this slowly and seeing where it will take me. Right now it feels very good and has me hopeful. In my next post I will write what has been going on and post the images.

These three pieces were done for a friend I know from when I was in high school. He was part of a community group that worked and volunteered to help beautify their city by planting trees. They have put together their own book and these paintings are to be included in it. They are all oil and oil pastel on paper. They are all 9” X 15” to fit with the 11” X 17” book format. The name of their project is “Trees For Menlo.”


Blogger amber said...

Thank you ed for posting such very interesting info about you..i love brussel sprouts too :)
There is such a wonderful energy in the trees you paint
I love them!!!

10:25 PM  
Blogger Cath Sheard said...

This is the first time I have visited your blog, found via Martha Marshall's. Your work is so alive; the colours really speak to me. I also admire your honesty, especially about your OCD - yep, I read right to the bottom of the page.

4:50 AM  
Blogger L.M.Noonan said...

Hi Ed and thanks for your comment at my blog. of course I ripped round to your place (as one does) to check out what manner of beastie I had attracted.
I just love it when a peer comes calling. AND I'm really impressed with your work. What a fabulous colourist...I am envious. There's a lot text to get through which I can't today- because Fridays are merde around here. I did come across the reference to OCD and googled it to find out what that acronym referred to. Ohhh now me savvy plenty.
My commiserations to your loved ones...huh? he says.
Well my middle son (I have 5) is still in the honeymoon period of rehabilitation. He was a back seat passenger in a speeding car. His head hit a concrete pole. he has a severe aquired brain injury. Oct 2005 is when our world became total shit, and we have navigating the turds since then. The impact on our careers (HA) has been beyond reckoning. YES-silly me married another artist. I started my blog as a temporary means of escape and a platform to vent my anger at the universe. One of the most minor of Nic's ( ABI son) new
problems is what I would call OCD. It's all fun and games around here.
Enough woman.
I would like to add a link to your blog if that's ok.
I'm still grappling with the nudism bit...I'm hoping you've grown your beard for a couple of decades, I have no faith but have been irrevocably shaped by a childhood background/indocrination - Muslim/Catholic.
Yes...and people wonder why I'm strange.
I see you like Joseph Campbell. Me too. Enough to commit a minor crime and tell our library that I'd lost "The hero with a thousand faces" and pay the fine.
Babble, babble ...babble

6:48 PM  
Blogger Ed Maskevich said...

Amber, thank you so much for your words of kindness.

Cath, I'm so glad that you stopped by. I find that as I get older I become a lot more honest probably because I just don't care about image anymore.

I.M., how wonderfully manic you are. So sorry about your son, brain injuries really affect personality. OCD is managable, though (in my case it was extreme enough to affect my employability. I am the 3rd generation in my family to have it and both of my daughters inherited the demented gene. At this point in life I rather do like being eccentric. By all means yes, please do add me to your blog if I can add you to mine.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Lori Witzel said...

Cruciferous veggies rule! As does your electric, eclectic palette.

I'm glad you're comfy in your own skin. My most memorable experience related to nekkidness was in college.

We had a night-time life drawing session where we all passed the metaphoric hat to pay the model and worked on our own time, outside class.

At break time one such session, I was going to get more charcoal, and Mike, our model, went to join me -- he had to go use the men's room. We walked down the hall chatting, and I wondered why my friends the art building janitors were looking really strangely at us.

I left Mike at the restroom, got my charcoal, and met him on the way back to the classroom where we continued the session.

The next night, one of the janitors took me aside and said "What were you doin' with that guy last night?!"

"What do you mean?" I replied, puzzled.

"Well, you were walkin' down the hallway and he was naked and everything!"

I was so used to Mike being naked, I hadn't noticed until my janitor-buddy (in very shocked tones) pointed it out.

7:22 PM  
Blogger The Epiphany Artist said...

Now Ed... as a Floridian I am going to have to warn you about skin cancer.... and Florida being the lightening capital both of which would not be great receiving...

8:08 PM  
Blogger Ed Maskevich said...

Hi Lori, I had similar experiences in art school. Our models were always extremely comfortable being sans clothing. Rarely did any of them put a robe on during a break. I remember one who was deep in conversation with a student and together they walked from the painting studios up to the main level of the school to go to the cafeteria for coffee. The model did not bother to dress and she could not believe that some of the students were a bit taken aback.

Hi Terri, thanks for the great reminders. I am always cautious. I have a natural olive complexion and tan rather than burn. However, when I am out in the sun I always use a heavy duty SPF Sunscreen lotion. Lightening, here in the midwest we are well aware of that. In the summer we have a lot of severe thunderstorms. We've had lightening so close that the sky lit up like the noonday sun and caused the whole house to rattle. Reminders are always good, though.

6:25 PM  
Blogger jafabrit said...

oh I LOVE brussel sprouts and I also love to eat frozen green grapes :)
As for curmudgeons they have a little more character and I rather like curmudgeons :) I always find them a challenge LOL!
I hate meme's but they are fun way to find out about each other. My son as OCD Ed. He was diagnosed very young and somehow he manages to do okay. I think some of the behaviour modification he went through helped.

7:59 AM  
Blogger andrea said...

I enjoyed the facts but even more the images! The design and colour in these tree paintings is really strong. I love them. (And I don't say that often.)

10:00 PM  

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